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Need cash fast? Do you have a financial emergency? Have you applied to your local bank but they turn you down for a loan?

Do you suffer from bad debt but still need a loan product?

Is your bad credit rating causing you sleepless nights because you cannot secure any form of credit?

Help is available!

Luckily, there are options for you, and if you own a vehicle, a logbook or V5 loan can quickly secure you an amount between £250 up to £50,000 depending on a number of factors of course.

Interested? Of course you are. At OnlineGuaranteedPaydayLoans, not only do we want to help you secure the loan you so desperately need, we can help you do it in next to no time, helping to ensure your peace of mind at a time that you need it most.

No matter what your financial emergency be it a plumbing problem, building alterations, unforeseen medical expenses or the like, our logbook loans can help you TODAY!

Not sure what a logbook loan entails? Letís take a closer look at this unique financial product

The ins and outs of a logbook (V5) loan

This is a very simple, yet efficient loan product and should you own a vehicle, you can easily secure one, no matter if you suffer from county court judgments, have been declared bankrupts, blacklisted or generally have a poor credit rating.

If you have a fully insured, paid off vehicle, you can take out a logbook loan with it. It need not even be a car. It could be a truck, a lorry, a van or a caravan. The only prerequisite is that it is not more than 10 years old. In some cases, like with unique sports cars or classic cars, we do allow vehicles older than 10 years but we will have to assess each unique situation should a vehicle like this be brought to us.

The condition of your vehicle determines how big a loan you can receive, anything from £200 to £50 000. There are other factors at play as well, however. These include how much you earn on a monthly basis as well as your monthly expenses. Rest assured at OnlineGuaranteedPaydayLoans, we will only give you an amount that you can AFFORD to pay back easily enough each month. We will never put you at financial risk.

So what do we need from you?

If you are interested in applying, the best place to start is by having your car assessed. This can be done either by bringing the vehicle to our offices or booking an appointment with our vehicle assessors who will come to you.

Once that has been done, we will require a number of different documents from you. These include your personal identity document (a driverís licence or a passport will suffice as well), proof of residence (a utility bill, tenant contract or letter from your bank if you own a home), three monthsí worth of payslips from your employer and three months bank statements from your main banking account. If you are self-employed, we will require six monthsí worth of banking statements.

When it comes to your vehicle we will require a few documents as well. Firstly, the V5 document is the most important as it proves you own the vehicle. We will also require proof of full and comprehensive insurance as well as the latest MOT certificate for the vehicle.

And then?

Well based on the value of your vehicle, your income, and expenditure, we make you a loan offer. Should you accept it, you can have the loan amount paid into your bank account in the matter of a few hours but no more than twenty-four hours.

Please note that should you accept the loan, we effectively own your vehicle for the duration of the loan although you still get to use it on a daily basis. You will sign a bill of sale when you sign the contract giving us ownership of the vehicle until such time as you have paid off the loan.

Please make every effort to make your monthly repayments as by rights, if you do not, we can repossess your vehicle and sell it to recoup our costs. Any extra money made on the vehicle will be paid to you once the loan amount has been paid.

If you think that you might struggle to make a repayment, LET US KNOW! We go out of our way to help clients as we realize that times are indeed very tough. We could even add a month onto the loan terms if you cannot make a payment. This can only be done once however, as in the past, clients have abused this privilege.

And why do I need comprehensive insurance?

Well think about it, you are using the vehicle on a daily basis and we need to protect our investment. You could easily have an accident, the vehicle could be stolen or extreme weather could damage the vehicle, which is our investment during this time. That is why insurance is imperative. We need it to be able to pay out should any of these occurrences happen.

A logbook loan is a great loan product, especially if you suffer from a bad credit rating. Get more details on this at this site.Get more details on this at this site.