About us

Financially times are tough… we know that!

We know that it is difficult to make ends meet each month, to pay your bills and to run your household and care for your kids. But rest assured we are here to help. Simply put, we have the ways and means to help you in your time of need.

No matter the reasons that you might need a cash boost, be it an emergency or to pay off some unforeseen bills, we can help you with a logbook loan. These loan types have quickly become the credit product of choice, and not only for people suffering from bad credit ratings, although these are the group of individuals they are aimed at specifically.

At OnlineGuaranteedPaydayLoans we are experts in microlending, with logbook loans in particular, our specialty. Since the global financial crisis of 2008, we have seen an influx of individuals in the United Kingdom move into bad credit ratings. This is often through no fault of their own. Because of this, they have nowhere to turn when needing a credit product such as a loan.

That’s why we moved specifically into the micro-lending market – to help people like you. To ensure that if you do need credit, you have an outlet for it. And it's not just about the service we provide. Our staff are some of the most knowledgeable in the business, determined to help you secure the best loan you possibly can get while not putting you under financial pressure in terms of repayments. No point in securing a massive loan that you will default on in a matter of months as you cannot pay the required repayments each month.

We not only guide you every step of the way in your application but we provide measured financial advice, even down the line when you have any queries. We believe that the proper financial education is just as valuable to someone as the loan product we set them up with. We want you to get your credit rating on an even keel and using our loan products, including logbook loans is simply the best way to do it.

Rest assured, unlike many other unscrupulous lenders, we do not hide any tricks, penalty costs or hidden fees in the fine print. In fact, we will go through every aspect of the contract with you, explaining areas you may not understand in great detail.

So why not give OnlineGuaranteedPaydayLoans a try! You simply will not regret it.